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$40 Hoodie Mystery Box

Sale price$40.00


Product: YK1K Mystery Hoodie Box
Offer: 3 Premium Hoodies for $40

Description: Dive into the excitement of the YK1K Mystery Hoodie Box! For just $40, you receive three premium hoodies, handpicked from a diverse selection including our City Hoodie, College Hoodie, or YK1K Malcolm X Hoodie. Each box is unique, with the contents chosen at random to provide a thrilling unboxing experience. It’s an unbeatable offer where each box boasts a total value of $180, providing both surprise and style at a fraction of the price.

Total Value: $180
Price: $40 per box
Availability: Limited availability, while supplies last

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$40 Hoodie Mystery Box
$40 Hoodie Mystery Box Sale price$40.00